Can an abandoned child turn his life of Misery, Fear of Failure, and Fear of his personal demon, Poverty, into a world of  Magic where “Impossible” and “Never” are forbidden?


It’s the 1930’s great depression. W. D. Evans is thrust into his dark, chaotic world of, Desertion, Hate, Guilt, Love, Passion, Fantasy, Revenge, Murder, Regret, Lies, Spies, & Wild Arctic Beasts.


With a life of Countless Dreams and a Quest to Catch and Taste them all, can he learn how to conquer all these challenges to become an:


Arctic Explorer, Entrepreneur, Musician,

Inventor, Gambler, Teacher, Soldier, Author,

Artist, Actor, Pilot, Lover and More …


80 years of Exciting True-Life Adventures proving

It’s Never Too Late to

Make Your Dreams Come True

on Life’s Search for Happiness.

- W. D. Evans