After three years of development, the dark cloak covering more than a half century of hidden history has at last been torn away. Now revealed, are the countless struggles of one reluctant hero’s efforts to survive during his secret missions in the Alaskan Arctic. As a young Veteran, W. D. Evans has been called upon to protect the US national Defense System against soviet invasion from over the North Pole during the height of the Cold War of 1960. His is a reluctant hero’s journey of fear, hate and hell in search of courage, love and salvation, through the frightening threat of Arctic Atomic War. Since hated war has already slaughtered his father brother and best friend, he suffers from overwhelming fear of his own violent death by War.  In spite of this trauma, to save all he loves, he has no other choice but to become an Arctic Secret Agent Battling Lies, Spies and Wild Beasts to find the secret to Stop Global Nuclear War. For this young veteran and his bride-to-be, War may not be their path to total destruction.  Instead, the mere threat of War may set the stage in the drama to find a golden road on their frightening journey to discover unconditional love, together.


Only the dust of decaying secret files of these frightening times can disclose the Total Truth about “The Man with More Lives than a Cat” ™ and his Slaughter of War.


Based upon the Author’s Declassified Secret Arctic Survival Missions

W. D. Evans